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Tool Boxes

Plastic tool box widely used in car, family anywhere or DIY use, which is completely made of 100% New Polypropylene and able to resist the damaging effects of oils, not sensitive to acids and alkaline solutions, low noise level when carrying. 

High load capacity due to specially designed ribs
Small compartments on the top for storage with transparent conver
Portable double-layer trays

Anti-theft padlock for option
Easy open lock catch
Anti-theft padlock for option
Easy open lock catch

  1. Lids of reinforced rids to ensure greater durability and strong load capacity
  2. Available to attach a padlock to the lid
  3. Portable tray with spacious storage compartments for loading more tools
  4. Easy-opened design with the secure latch
  5. Various colors available to be chosen, blue is the standard color
  6. Optionally manufactured in conductive material against electrostatic discharge upon request
  7. Temperature resistant from -25°C to +60°C
  8. Standard color: Blue (If other colors needed, MOQ ≥ 500pcs)