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Stackable plastic containers are very economic and environmental for the protection of products during processing, storage and distribution. They are suitable for a variety of industries, including automotive, appliance, produce, pharmaceutical and electronics etc. and provide many opportunities for handling goods in a more efficient way.

The durable plastics containers are totally made of 100% new Polypropylene and able to resist the damaging effects of oils, not sensitive to acids and alkaline solutions, low noise level when transporting. 

The containers are available with a flat or reinforced ribbed solid base to enhance the conveyor performance and safety.

Reinforcing Ribs
Label Holder
Ergonomically Desighed Handgrips

  1. Ergonomic carrying handles designed for easier and safer lifting
  2. Smooth internal surfaces and rounded corners for easy cleaning and excellent product protection
  3. Label holder area on sides for optional attachment
  4. Reinforced ribbed base for smooth transport on roller conveyor and easy handling
  5. Label areas for self-adhesive barcode labels application
  6. Reinforced ribs of four rims specially designed for high load capacity and stacking stability of containers
  7. Flat lid is compatible with the plastics containers by hinges for option
  8. Optionally manufactured in conductive material against electrostatic discharge
  9. Temperature resistant from -25°C to +60°C
  10. Standard color: Blue (If other colors needed, MOQ ≥ 500pcs)


4030 Common Base

(Height of ribs 10mm)

4030 Reinforced Base

(Height of ribs15mm)

6040 Common Base

(Height of ribs 10mm)

6040 Reinforced Base

(Height of ribs 15mm)