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Noiseless Hand-truck

Noiseless Hand-Trucks are widely applied into the material handling industry, such as
plants, office buildings, libraries, hotels, restaurants, logistics etc.

Noiseless hand-truck consists of plastic deck, foldable or fixed handle, noiseless castor and other.
Plastic deck is made of 100%PP and other materials; the handle is made of SPCC (Steel Plate Cold Common).

Castor of high-powered elastic rubber

Two rear wheels can be locked simultaneously by step method of pedal
Hand-truck with mesh fence
Iron housing castor


1. Moving briskly and quietly
2. Handle folds down for storage or easy transport
3. Durable lightweight construction
4.Temperature resistant from -25°C to +60°C
5.Standard color: Blue (If other colors needed, MOQ ≥ 500pcs)