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Attached Lid Containers| Stack Nest Crate

Technical Specification


Nesting containers with attached-lid improve the efficiency of applications in all kinds of distribution and storage. These reusable containers stack when lids are closed for saving space storage in distribution and for return transport. Or the containers nest when lids are open for saving up to 57% space. With lockable, hinged lids that prevent the products from loss, these containers are the very excellent solution for goods picking and shipping.

The reusable plastics containers are totally made of 100% new Polypropylene and able to resist the damaging effects of oils, not sensitive to acids and alkaline solutions, low noise level when transporting.


  1. Ergonomically designed handgrips for comfortable handling
  2. Nested freely when empty and stacked steadily when full and close
  3. Textured and flat base against slipping to increase the friction for strong stability when stacking 
  4. The customer’s logo can be applied onto the container by screen printing, hot stamping and tampo printing
  5. Reinforced ribs on sidewalls for increasing the load capacity and reducing the possibility of sidewalls deformity
  6. Heavily reinforced hinge to fix the lids and container for superior safety and stability
  7. Label areas for self-adhesive barcode labels application
  8. Label holder on two short sides for labels attachment
  9. Stop block against slipping when stacking with lids closed and reinforced holes for standard security tie or padlocks against falling apart or being stolen in transit
  10. Optionally manufactured in conductive material against electrostatic discharge
  11. Temperature resistant from -25°C to +60°C
  12. Standard color: Blue (If other colors needed, MOQ ≥ 500pcs)