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Combined Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins are ideal for small components storage in the field of automotive, appliance, electronics, hospital and other storage industry for better management of goods. Stack on top of each other to shape tall and stable storage arrangements without shelves, which can save much space and keep warehouse clean and in order.

Combined and steady

Compatible with stands for easy picking
Card holder for clear identification and good management

  1. Both reinforced bins and common bins are available for option, reinforced one has much higher stacking load than the common one
  2. Wide hopper front affords easy access for quick parts picking and provides easy and maximum visibility of contents to users
  3. Flexibly suit for utilization when combined or separated as per needs
  4. Easy assembly
  5. Combined bins with supports for high stable stacking load without any shelves or cabinet bins and increasing room, which is easy to pick contents
  6. Label holders for easy identification of labels on the front
  7. Various colors available to be chosen, blue is the standard color
  8. Optionally manufactured in conductive material against electrostatic discharge upon request
  9. Temperature resistant from -25°C to +60°C
  10. Standard color:Blue (If other colors needed, MOQ ≥ 500pcs)